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4th of July Decorations: Make Rag Wreaths

Now that summer is here, I’m having to pull out all my kids craft ideas to keep my kids entertained while they are on summer vacation. Since starting this website, they have gotten a little spoiled with the amount of crafts we get to do together. For the last few months I have been making tons of stuff – just not posting most of the projects. But for this 4th of July wreath, I enlisted the help of my little ones and made sure we got it up on the site. (They are so funny about blogging about our crafts – usually asking if their pictures are getting posted again!).

4th of July Decorations for Kids to Make

4th of July Decorations for Kids to Make

This kids craft would make a great hostess gift for a 4th of July party, or just to make and hang as a front door decoration. Even though the end result is a pretty ‘grown up’ craft, I was surprised as to how much my kids wanted to participate. When they saw how easy rag wreaths are to make, they were all over it!

How to Make Rag Wreaths

Rag wreaths are “easy peasy lemon squeezy” as my daughter would say! Plus they are an awesome stash-busting project, because you can use up a ton of those scrap fabric pieces that are too small to make much else with!

All you need is some wire, 1 yard of ribbon to hang the wreath (preferably wired), and between 1 and 1 and a half yards (total) of scrap fabric:

4th of July Rag Wreath Materials

4th of July Rag Wreath Materials

Next time I make one of these, I plan on being more precise – my strips were about 10 inches long and I ended up needing more fabric than I should have needed. I was extremely sloppy and random about tearing up my strips of fabric for this project. This meant my strips were a little too long and I ended up using about a yard and a half of fabric. If you prefer a little more precision, try to cut or tear your fabric strips into 1 inch by 6 inch pieces. If you use a heavier weight fabric such as canvas or denim, make the strips 7 inches long. Either way, though, you really can’t mess up a rag wreath – they look good no matter what!

I did find that it helps to fold the strips of fabric a bit before you tie them onto the wire. That way the outside print of the fabric was more likely to show (instead of the backside).

But really – this is it – tear up the strips and tie them on in random order.

How to Make a Rag Wreath

How to Make a Rag Wreath

I told you it was easy peasy lemon squeezy! The kids thought so, too!

Kids 4th of July Crafts

Kids 4th of July Crafts


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  7. we dont have any scraps do u think maybe yarn peices tied on? (its for canada day so just red n white) but liked the idea

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