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Camp Crafts: God’s Eyes

I think that making a God’s Eye was one of the very first crafts I ever remember making as a kid. And since it was in the early ’70’s at that time, they were totally in vogue along with macrame and owls. I knew the 70’s were good for something!

Sure enough, I made God’s Eye’s in Vacation Bible School and at Girl Scout Camp, so this craft is the very first to come to mind when I think of camp crafts! Plus they are easy enough for preschoolers to make them with chunky yarn, but pretty enough for teens to get into making them.

Camp Crafts: God's Eyes

Camp Crafts: God's Eyes

God Eyes Materials

What You Need to Make God's Eyes

What You Need to Make God's Eyes

  • Scrap Yarn
  • Two Sticks
  • Floral Wire (optional)

Making God’s Eyes is super easy and can be made with minimal materials. Many people use popcicle sticks instead of real sticks, but I like the look of the latter, it makes it feel more like a nature craft. Technically you don’t need the floral wire, but if you wire the sticks together first, it makes it much easier to wrap the yarn, so I recommend it for smaller children.

How to Make God’s Eyes

God Eyes - How to Make

God Eyes - How to Make

First use the wire or your first piece of yarn to tie the sticks together in a 90 degree angle.

Then start wrapping your yarn around and under each stick as shown in the illustration above.

How to Tie Off Yarn on God's Eyes

How to Tie Off Yarn on God's Eyes

Tie off the colors on the same side so that the front is seamless. I chose the ‘stick’ side to be the back, but it just as easily could have been the front. Tie off your last yarn with a loop knot on the end so that you can hang your God’s Eye.


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