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Cricut Crafts

I wish I owed a Cricut Cricut Crafts. This wonderous paper cutting device makes amazing crafts out of the simplest things. I’m a patient paper cutter – but no way could I do everything a Cricut does! Here are 24 Cricut paper cutting crafts, most on the simple side so that kids can do them. While the Cricut obviously requires adult assistance, the resulting work will look so good that your kids will be extra proud of their accomplishments! There’s a section for each major holiday – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, along with a few general everyday Cricut crafts.

I’ve tried to find Cricut craft projects that don’t require a big investment in more cartridges, though some do, of course. Several of them offer free template downloads or instructions on how to create the projects on your own. Also, some of these patterns are just as easily made on other paper cutting craft tools, such as the Gypsy and Cuttlebug.

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Cricut Paper Crafts

cricut paper purse Cricut Crafts cricut robot papercraft Cricut Crafts cricut cupcake wrappers Cricut Crafts cricut flowers craft Cricut Crafts
Cricut Paper Purse Cricut Robot Papercraft Pretty Cricut
Cupcake Wrappers
Cricut Paper Flowers Craft

Halloween Cricut Crafts

cricut halloween crafts Cricut Crafts cricut pumpkin crafts Cricut Crafts cricut halloween candles Cricut Crafts cricut halloween door hangers Cricut Crafts
Cricut Halloween Decorations Cricut Paper Pumpkins Decorated Halloween Candles Halloween Door Hangers

Thanksgiving Cricut Crafts

cricut thanksgiving turkey Cricut Crafts cricut thanksgiving pie favors Cricut Crafts cricut thanksgiving placecards Cricut Crafts happy thanksgiving banner Cricut Crafts
Cricut Thanksgiving
Turkey Craft
Cricut Thanksgiving Pie
Favor Boxes
Cricut Thanksgiving
Place Cards
Thanksgiving Paper Banners

Christmas Cricut Crafts

cricut christmas ornaments Cricut Crafts cricut snowflake craft Cricut Crafts cricut christmas mouse crafts Cricut Crafts cricut christmas scene decor Cricut Crafts
Paper Cutting
Christmas Ornaments
Cricut Glitter Snowflakes Christmas Mouse
Candy Cane Holders
Cricut Paper Christmas Scene

Valentines Day Cricut Crafts

cricut valentine treat toppers Cricut Crafts cricut valentines treats Cricut Crafts cricut valentines Cricut Crafts cricut valentines banner Cricut Crafts
Cricut Valentine
Treat Bag Toppers
Cricut Strawberry
Valentine Treats
Cricut Valentine Cards Cricut Valentines Day

Easter Cricut Crafts

cricut easter treat flowers Cricut Crafts cricut easter bunny basket Cricut Crafts cricut easter egg craft Cricut Crafts cricut easter place cards Cricut Crafts
Cricut Spring Flower
Easter Treats
Cricut Easter Bunny Basket Cricut Easter Egg Holder Cricut Easter Place Cards


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  1. Cricut Crafts are simple, easy and creative. Thumbs up to the thinkers and the persons who decide to share their ideas*****

    Posted by Beulah Smith | December 7, 2011, 4:59 pm

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