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Easter Desserts: Easiest Flower Cupcakes Ever

I’m what you would call a lazy cook. If it comes in a box, it’s likely I’ve made it. But then a few times a year, I get this unnatural domestic urge to cook something from scratch and spend all day in the kitchen.

But today was not one of those days. *grin*

Today I was in a rush and I was trying to figure out a way to make easy bunny cupcakes. I did, and they are quite cute… but then I looked at the almost-full bag of colored marshmallows and the last few undecorated cupcakes and I was inspired.

So viola – the easiest flower cupcakes on the planet:

Easter Dessert Flower Cupcakes

Easter Dessert Flower Cupcakes

How to Make the Easiest Flower Cupcakes Ever

Quite honestly, these are so easy they are almost self-explanatory.

Bake cupcakes from a mix.

Frost them with store bought frosting.

Pop colored marshmallows on top.


For the flower leaves and the pointed yellow petals, all I did was cut the cupcakes in half diagonally like this:

Cut marshmallows

Cut marshmallows

Even a little kid could cut the marshmallows, because you could use a plastic knife to do it.

By the way – my kids devoured them so fast I didn’t get to try one. So if you make these Easter cupcakes, please let me know how they are!


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