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Easy Easter Tree Craft

tree full Easy Easter Tree Craft

Easy Easter Tree Craft

I absolutely love Easter trees. They are so simple and elegant, yet somehow can dress up an adult room even when the kids make them. This easy Easter tree is made with beads and feather animals from my local dollar store. I spent a grand total of $3 to put it together.

What you Need to Make this Easy Easter Tree Craft

  • A toilet paper roll
  • A piece of origami paper or wrapping paper, cut to fit around the toilet paper roll
  • Green tissue paper
  • Play Dough, or something else to weight the bottom of the ‘vase’
  • Sticks from your yard
  • Curling ribbon
  • Package of assorted wooden beads (use whatever beads you want, but make sure the holes in the beads are lard enough to fit onto the ends of the branches). The beads on this tree came from one coordinated package of beads
  • Fake feather bird (I got  a package of two at the dollar store) (plus a paper clip if the one you buy doesn’t have a wire attached to it)
  • Feather butterfly (came in a package of three at the dollar store)
  • Glue
  • Wire cutters

How to Make this Easy Easter Tree Craft

tissue cardboard Easy Easter Tree Craft

Stabilize the branches and vase

First you need to ensure the tree won’t fall over once you make it. Start by putting some play dough in the bottom of the toilet paper roll, and stick the branches into it. Support the branches on the sides with extra tissue paper, newspaper, or other scrap paper. If you don’t have play dough around, you can improvise. I used an upside down single-serve container of salad dressing. You could also use a Crystal Light tub for the base, but it’s not really heavy enough to stabilize the project, so you would need to put something else inside of it to give it a little weight.

grass Easy Easter Tree Craft

Add Tissue Paper Grass

Next, wrap the origami or wrapping paper around the toilet paper roll, cut it to size and glue it into place. Then camoflauge the inside of the craft with tissue paper ‘grass’. Cut little squares of green tissue paper around 2″ square and twist them in the center (we called these ‘ghosties’ when we made homecoming floats in high school!). Tuck the ghosties into the top of the toilet paper roll until you can’t see the rest of the stuff inside of it.

bird Easy Easter Tree Craft

Add your feather bird

The birds I bought at the dollar store had a little wire sticking out of the bottom, which made it super-easy to simply wrap the wire around one of the branches. You may need wire cutters to clip off the excess. If your bird doesn’t have a wire attached, unbend a paper clip and stick it into the styrofoam bird, and then wrap the other end around the branch. Do the same with the feather butterfly (I hot glued this on, because everything in life is easier with a hot glue gun around).

glue Easy Easter Tree Craft

Glue the Beads onto the Branches

Now we get to decorate the tree! First glue the small round beads onto the ends of the branches. Space them out randomly and you don’t need to add them to every single branch. I used a hot glue gun because they are so easy, but little kids can do this with regular glue too. Just add a large-ish drop of glue to the end of the stick and pop on your bead.

ornaments Easy Easter Tree Craft

Make mini Easter ornaments

Lastly, put together your mini Easter ornaments. I tied the top with a loop and bow, then slipped a small pink bead onto the bottom and slid it up to the middle of the ribbon. You may have to fold the ribbon in half to get it to fit into the bead hole.  Then I put a dot of glue into the bead hole of the larger yellow beads and simply stuck the ribbon end in. I actually think that because the wooden beads were a little rough on the inside, I probably didn’t even need to glue them, as it would have stayed on the end without it. I made only three of them, which seemed more than enough to keep this Easter tree simple yet pretty.

tree small Easy Easter Tree Craft

Easy Easter Tree Craft

Hang your mini ornaments and enjoy!


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