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Easy Fall Crafts: Pomanders

Who doesn’t love pomanders? Really – the smell of orange and cloves ranks up there with fresh baked bread and just bathed babies. MMmmmmm…

So why do we only hear about pomanders around Christmas? This is a terrible under utilization of an exquisite fragrance, IMHO.

Behold: The Halloween Pomander

Fall Pomander Crafts

Fall Pomander Crafts

How to Make Fall Pomanders

Pomanders are incredibly easy to make – though I have to admit, I thought you could just poke those whole cloves into the orange skin wherever you wanted. This didn’t work so well, they frequently crumbled or broke. So I thought of using a toothpick to ‘pre-drill’ my holes in the orange, but those holes were too small. So instead I used a wooden skewer that you can find in any grocery store – perfecto!

Oranges and Cloves for Pomanders

Oranges and Cloves for Pomanders

Step 1 – Buy the most perfect round oranges you can find. Wash and remove the stickers.

Step 2 – Poke holes in the pattern of your choice with the wooden skewer – keep them slightly spread apart to leave room for the wide tops of the cloves.

Great fall themed picture ideas: jack o’ lantern faces, spiders, acorns, trees, witch hats, leaves, etc.

Insert cloves into the holes you made.

If you want to attach a ribbon to hang it, you’ll need to tie it around the entire orange. I tried several ways of attaching a ribbon just at the top, and none of them could hold the weight of the orange. That’s why my pomander is sitting on a window sill instead of hanging in front of my window. *grin*


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  1. Cute idea! I never would have thought of using the oranges to make pumpkin faces. Very creative.

    Posted by Rachel | October 12, 2009, 2:33 am
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