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Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

I keep saying that I can never seem to reconcile my sadness that summer is ending soon with my happiness that fall is starting soon. This fall wreath is the perfect in-between decoration for when you’re done with summer, but it’s too early to break out the Halloween stuff. Plus, this wreath craft is massively easy and fast. You can literally whip this thing up in less than an hour with the simplest of materials – tissue paper, ribbon, and a ready-made grapevine wreath form.

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fall wreath craft Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Fall Wreath Craft

Fall Wreath Materials List

Black, green, yellow, orange and brown tissue paper

Wide ribbon (I used a green organza I got on Christmas clearance last year)

Floral or beading wire


8 inch grapevine wreath

Optional: Feather butterfly decoration (I got mine at the dollar store!).

fall wreath craft materials Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Fall Wreath Craft Materials

How to Make this Fall Wreath Craft

You’re going to start by making 1 tissue paper tiger lily and 3 tissue paper black-eyed susan flowers.

Tissue Paper Tiger Lily Flower

paper flowers tiger lily Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Paper Tiger Lily Flower Parts

For the tiger lily, cut out two five-petal pieces of orange tissue paper, a 1.25 inch piece of brown tissue paper (or a brown paper bag works), a 1 inch piece of black tissue paper, and a 12 inch strip of green tissue paper.

Crumple and then uncrumple (a few times) the two small circles so that they look more natural.

Twist the strip of green tissue paper into a string-like appearance as shown. Break it into two pieces, they don’t need to be exactly the same length, but close.

Curl the petals of the orange flower very lightly as you would curling ribbon with scissors. Do this to both pieces, though only one is shown that way (so you can see the shape).

Now, score each orange petal with a fingernail or bone folder as shown – this gives it a remarkably tricky realistic appearance!

paper tiger lily petals Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Making Paper Tiger Lily Petals

Layer the pieces as shown below, poking holes with your floral wire. You will need about 8-9 inches per flower.

tissue paper tiger lily Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Assembling the Tissue Paper Tiger Lily

Twist the wire like a twist tie on the back and this one is done!

Tissue Paper Black-Eyed Susan Flowers

paper flowers black susan Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Paper Black Eyed Susan Flower Parts

I know there isn’t any green stuff in the middle of a black-eyed susan. I just though it looked more polished this way!

For this tissue paper flower, cut three yellow circles about 2.5 inches in diameter, and tear off a 3 inch or so square of green and black tissue paper. Crumple up the black one tightly and the green one very loosely.

Clip the petals as shown into the three yellow circles (you can do this on all three at once, just make sure to rotate them when you assemble the flower to give it variation).

Layer the three yellow pieces and green piece together and attach them with another 8-9: piece of wire as you did with the tiger lily.

tissue paper flowers wire Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Assembling the Paper Flowers with Thin Wire

Leave off the black crumpled piece of tissue paper because it would be too hard to get the wire through it. Assemble it all, and then glue the black piece into the center instead.

paper black eyed susan Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Tissue Paper Black Eyed Susan Flower

Make two more for three total.

Attach the Tissue Paper Flowers

attaching wreath flowers Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Attaching the Tissue Paper Flowers to the Wreath

Take the wire on the back of the flowers and attach them to the bottom of the grapevine wreath form. This is just like using a twist-tie (which also means you can reuse these parts in something else if you want to!). Put the tiger lily on one side and the three black-eyed susans next to it, tucking the wire ends into the grapevines so that they don’t poke out and hurt someone.

fall wreaths Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Fall Flower Wreaths Closeup

Add the Hanging Ribbon

Since my organza ribbon was too sheer to see with one layer, I double wrapped it around the top of the wreath. This was about a 7 or 8 foot length of ribbon.

fall wreath bow step 1 Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Fall Wreath Bow Step 1

I then cut another 2.5 foot or so piece of ribbon and tied it in a bow around the top, gathering the ends of the longer piece.

fall wreath bow step 2 Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Fall Wreath Bow Step 2

I had a little orange feather butterfly hanging around that seemed like the perfect addition to the top of the bow, so I just hot glued it in place. Plus it works well to cover up any bow-tying imperfections!

fall wreath bow Easy Fall Paper Flowers Wreath Craft

Fall Wreath Bow with Feather Butterfly Decoration

All done! Just go hang it somewhere where you can enjoy it!


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