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Fall Paper Crafts

As I was thinking of fall crafts to make last weekend, I had a little idea. I had just bought my son some new origami paper, and my daughter was busy taking all of the pink sheets to make paper snowflakes. I looked at all of the beautiful fall colors in the package and I realized that snowflakes shouldn’t be only celebrated in the wintertime! And suddenly I was folding and cutting away to my heart’s content.

fall paper crafts Fall Paper Crafts

Fall Paper Crafts

I cut three fall snowflakes – one with owls and bats, one with acorns and maple leaves, and a third with pumpkins. The leaf doilies I got at my local dollar store (aren’t they purty?!). For the most part, I cut out the shapes freehand. Some of them are a little crude, but it’s not difficult to take a simple shape like an acorn or a leaf, and cut it out on a fold. Here is a printable guide with instructions on how to fold the paper snowflake, and how each of these three fall snowflakes looked as they were being cut out. To print the full sized version, just click on the image:

folding snowflakes 540x700 Fall Paper Crafts

How to Fold and Cut Paper Snowflakes

For the owl in the top center I used an owl shaped paper punch I bought at the store in the scrapbooking section. But I shall warn you now that as awesome this kind of paper punch is, it cannot get through six layers of origami paper at once. I ended up having to unfold the snowflake and punch the owl out of two layers of paper (three times) instead. I also used a regular hole punch for the small circles, and those were easy to cut though all the layers of paper at once.

I tried adding the snowflakes to a garland with fall colored ribbon and hanging it from my fireplace, too. But I liked the way they looked in our front window much better!


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