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Fun Cupcake Ideas: Bunny Cupcakes

The other day I mentioned I was trying to make easy bunny cupcakes. I wanted them to be easy, but not lame. I figured it couldn’t be that hard, and it isn’t. They are almost as easy as my flower cupcake idea.

bunny cupcakes Fun Cupcake Ideas: Bunny Cupcakes

Fun Bunny Cupcake Idea

What you Need to Make Bunny Cupcakes

Pre-made cupcakes frosted with white frosting

Bunny gummy candies

Large white marshmallows

Small pastel colored marshmallows

Chocolate syrup, mini chocolate chips, or other tiny round candies /sprinkles for the bunny eyes

How to Make Bunny Cupcakes

Honestly, decorating with gummy bunnies is pretty self-explanatory. I put four onto the cupcake and then added an extra dot of white frosting in the middle.

make bunny cupcakes Fun Cupcake Ideas: Bunny Cupcakes

Make Bunny Cupcakes

For the bunny face cupcake, I cut large white marshmallows in half, then in half again so that it was cut in quarters. (You can cut marshmallows with a butter knife or plastic knife, don’t let the big steak knife fool you!)

Place two of the marshmallow quarters onto the cupcake, sticky side down. Place a small pink marshmallow onto the bottom of the bunny face for the nose. I then took a toothpick and dabbed a tiny bit of chocolate syrup on the end, and placed the dots for the bunny eyes. This was my improvisation because I didn’t have any sprinkles or chocolate mini morsels laying around (what kind of cook am I that doesn’t have mini morsels in her kitchen?!).


6 comments for “Fun Cupcake Ideas: Bunny Cupcakes”

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  2. how cute!!

    Posted by pamela ponder | March 23, 2010, 12:48 pm
  3. I always love a new decorating idea for cupcakes. Actually for today’s Spring Blog Hop, I am doing edible gumdrop flowers…..perfect to top a cupcake or cake. Have a Happy Easter.

    Posted by Sherrie | March 24, 2010, 12:55 pm
  4. how cute!!

    Posted by Dave | April 26, 2010, 5:45 pm
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  6. Well, these cupcakes looks cute and sound delicious. Kids will love to have these smiling faces on their lunch table.

    Aansy Stone

    Posted by Fine Dining Restaurant | April 25, 2012, 4:49 pm

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