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Fun Halloween Quiet Activity Craft for Toddlers

Easy Halloween Activity for Toddlers - a Magnetic Shapes Kit to Make

Easy Halloween Activity for Toddlers - a Magnetic Shapes Kit to Make

For long car rides, religious ceremonies or other times when we need our kiddos to be content and QUIET, a cookie sheet and magnetic activities can work wonders!

In October, I made my daughters large cardboard pumpkins and gave them an assortment of facial features so that they could create their own pumpkins.  I made some facial features out of construction paper and intended to make more out of felt… until I found premade ones in the dollar bins at Target!  Simply stick magnets on the back of each piece and you’re DONE!

(I used sticker magnets that come in a roll at JoAnn Fabrics.)

Keeping Toddlers Happy and Quiet with a Magnetic Halloween Activity

Is it me... or does my daughter have the SAME expression as the pumpkin?

For my 19-month-old, I gave her just a few facial features and she had a great time arranging them on her cardboard pumpkin face.  For my 3-year-old, I gave her a bag  full of numerous facial features, scars, hats, etc.  She played, rearranged, covered the pumpkin in as many as possible, and had a grand time!

Editor’s Note: This activity could also be accomplished by printing out shapes and other Halloween designs on magnetic printer paper, or by printing them on regular paper and using thin magnetic adhesive sheets. Might we suggest using some of our awesome free printables for this? Try our Halloween jointed paper doll toys or this set of Halloween shape templates!


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  1. What a sweet and fun idea! Thanks for sharing – kids love fun activities for the car!

    Posted by Multi-Testing Mommy | November 1, 2012, 5:37 am

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