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Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are the ultimate medium for creative cooking! The consistency is pretty much perfect for forming whatever you want out of it, and even I wouldn’t have thought of some of these absolutely fantastic Halloween treat ideas! If you’ve never watched Cake Boss on TLC, you’ll be surprised to know that they use ‘cereal treats’ for sculpting many of their more intricate and elaborate cake creations. I love how they call them ‘cereal treats’, because clearly Kellogg’s isn’t a sponsor of the show!

I hate writing posts like this. They just make me hungry. ^_^

rice krispie skulls Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Skulls and Frankenstein

Skulls and Frankenstein
Rice Krispie Treats

rice krispie pumpkin Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Large Pumpkin

Large Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treat

halloween rice krispie treats Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Caramel Candy Corn

Caramel Candy Corn Rice
Krispie Treats

rice krispie halloween pops Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Treat Pops

Halloween Rice Krispie Treat Pops

rice krispie ghosts Halloween Rice Krispie Treats


Rice Krispie Treat Ghosts

rice krispie frankenstein Halloween Rice Krispie Treats


Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

rice krispie faces Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Monster Faces

Rice Krispie Treat Monster Faces

rice krispie black cats Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Black Cat

Black Cat Chocolate
Rice Krispie Treats

rice crispie halloween cook Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

Cookie Cutter Pumpkin
Rice Krispie Treats

halloween snake krispie Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Halloween Snake

Halloween Snake
Rice Krispie Treats

chocolate rice pumpkin Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Jack o' Lantern

Chocolate Jack o’ Lantern
Rice Krispie Treats

candy corn rice krispie Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Candy Corn

Candy Corn
Rice Krispie Treats


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