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Home Made Stamps from Craft Foam

I suppose this also counts as a recycled craft, as one of the most important elements for making these home made stamps is bottle tops.  We (well, I along with a husband who is beginning to suspect I’m crazy) saved the tops to pop bottles and milk jugs for a few weeks in order to have some ready to go when it came time for crafting our stamps.  When you actually get started, though, this craft takes pretty much no time at all.

What you’ll need to make DIY home made stamps:

  • plastic bottle tops
  • craft foam shapes
  • glue
  • ink pads
  • paper for stamping
002 300x225 Home Made Stamps from Craft Foam

Just a few items are needed to make your own home made stamps.

003 300x225 Home Made Stamps from Craft Foam

Glue craft foam shapes to the bottle tops. Smaller caps might only take one shape, while bigger ones can accommodate several.

020 300x225 Home Made Stamps from Craft Foam

Use your ink pad to cover the craft foam shapes on your home made stamp.

019 300x225 Home Made Stamps from Craft Foam

Have fun! We used ours to decorate some blank greeting cards, too.

What I Learned the Hard Way: We ended up using baby wipes to clean the stamps off before switching colors.


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