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Make Masquerade Masks

I’ve always loved those gorgeous & intricate feather masquerade masks – and I always figured they were very difficult to make. I have discovered that they can actually be really easy to make! And as a side note, if you plan on making these for yourself, don’t let any little girls get a hold of them. They will walk off with them and you’ll never see it again.

making masquerade masks Make Masquerade Masks

Making Masks

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Masquerade Mask Craft Materials List

Black crafting foam sheet

Colored crafting feathers

Fake flower petals

Hot glue gun plus Elmer’s glue


Elastic thread or ribbon

Mask template:

mask template 231x300 Make Masquerade Masks

Printable Mask Template

How to Make Masquerade Masks

Print out the mask template and trace it onto your foam craft sheet. I suppose you could make a more temporary mask if you printed out onto card stock (which is why I gave you two color choices). But I honestly don’t know how well it would hold up on paper. Just sayin’.

Cut out the mask from the foam:

eye mask template Make Masquerade Masks

Cut Out Eye Mask Template

You can’t see it very well in the photo, but I also poked holes on the sides to add elastic when done.

Pick out feathers that you can glue symmetrically to both sides of the mask. I chose three colors and made sure that each color had a ‘twin’ that was about the same length and width. Once you have enough to go around the edges, start gluing them in place with the hot glue gun. I used 10 feathers in my masquerade mask, because I didn’t want them pointing down and tickling the heck out of my face.

feather mask craft Make Masquerade Masks

Glueing Feathers to the Masquerade Mask

This part doesn’t need to be particularly neat or pretty – it will soon get covered up.

making feather masks Make Masquerade Masks

Arranging feathers on the mask

After the feathers are in place, cut some petals from a fake flower into the shape you want. I used two almost half circles for each side and a small group of four petals for the center top of the mask.

silk flower petals Make Masquerade Masks

Adding Flower Petals to the Mask

Glue the petals over the feather stems with the hot glue gun.

masquerade mask craft Make Masquerade Masks

Gluing Petals to the Feather Mask

Here’s the mask with all the feathers and petals hot-glued in place:

mask feathers petals Make Masquerade Masks

Mask with all petals and feathers in place

Now it’s time to break out the Elmer’s glue – the hot glue gun won’t work for this part. Use a generous amount to cover up the base of the petals, being very careful to make a precise outline around the eye holes:

glueing mask craft Make Masquerade Masks

Gluing the glitter onto the masquerade mask

Then put it onto a piece of paper and dump a ton of glitter on your glue.

glitter mask project Make Masquerade Masks

Glitter Dump on Mask

And just leave it there until it dries.

I know it’s hard. Don’t touch it.

But when it’s dry – you’re pretty much done!

mask crafts Make Masquerade Masks

Masquerade Mask Craft

Simply slip some elastic thread or ribbon in your holes and wear it with glee!


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