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More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

I promised a follow up to my Halloween finger puppets craft project a couple of weeks ago – I swear when the pipe cleaners and pom poms come out, my kids and I are unstoppable! We created so many cute puppets that I couldn’t fit them into one post. So part one was the Halloween Critters collection, and this post is the Halloween Costumes collection.

The first set of puppets have been extremely popular.

easy halloween finger puppe More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Halloween Costume Finger Puppets

Halloween Finger Puppets Craft Materials List

I’ve placed a photograph next to each finger puppet with the exact materials needed for each Halloween Critter. All of them require a very easy to find set of stuff:

Pipe Cleaners

Pom Poms (The pumpkin puppet uses a larger pom pom than the others)

Googly Eyes

Glue (Hot glue gun works best, but I’ve since discovered that even regular glue will suffice, it just takes longer to dry)

Wire Cutters (So you don’t ruin your scissors cutting the pipe cleaners)

For Dracula – scraps of black fabric

For Princess and Fairy - a small amount of white tulle (less than 1/8 yard) and for each one small plastic rhinestone ‘gem’

Making Halloween Finger Puppets

Please refer to the original Easter finger puppets post for general assembly instructions. It gives general instructions on how to wind the pipe cleaners around your finger and how to attach the pom poms accurately.

Halloween Fairy Finger Puppet


fairy finger puppet More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Fairy Finger Puppet


Cut 5 pink pieces of pipe cleaner about 1.5 inches long, and bend them into a “U” shape as shown.

Cut two green pieces of pipe cleaner about 1 inch long and bend them in half as shown to resemble flower leaves.

Cut a piece of white tulle into a long oval for the fairy wings, approximately 6-7 inches wide. To attach the wings, simply tie them to one of the coils on the back of the pipe cleaner finger puppet base.

fairy wings1 More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Tulle fairy wings

Glue the pink petals around the white pom pom in the shape of a flower, then add the flowers behind the petals:

fairy head More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets
Fairy finger puppet head

Cut one piece of white pipe cleaner about 3-4 inches long and bend it as shown for the arms. Then cut a piece of silver pipe cleaner as long as you want your fairy wand to be. Twist tie the end of the wand to one of the ‘hands’.

fairy parts More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Fairy Finger Puppet Craft Assembly

Glue the plastic gem to the end of the wand, then glue the googly eyes and nose to the pom pom face. Then glue the rest of the fairy finger puppet parts together.

Dracula Halloween Finger Puppet

dracula finger puppet More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Dracula Finger Puppet

Cut a fabric triangle out of black fabric for Dracula’s cape as shown – you can be imprecise, it doesn’t need to be perfect!Cut off the top corner as shown.

Cut a teardrop shaped piece of black fabric to glue on top of Dracula’s head for his hair. Glue it onto the pom pom with the point in front – this can be a little tricky and an adult’s help might be needed.

Glue the googly eyes onto Dracula’s face.

Glue the top of the cape to the top of the red pipe cleaner finger puppet base, then glue the head on top.

Once the glue is dry, draw a tiny black line for Dracula’s mouth. Then put two tiny white vertical lines at the corners of his mouth to make his fangs.

Frankenstein Halloween Finger Puppet

frankenstein finger puppet More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Frankenstein Finger Puppet

Cut a 4 inch piece of green pipe cleaner for the arms and bend it as shown.

Cut two tiny pieces of black pipe cleaner to resemble the bolts on the sides of Frankenstein’s neck.

Glue the two black bolts to the sides of the pom pom, then glue the googly eyes in place.

Glue the rest of the parts in place.

When the glue is dry, paint black hair onto Frankenstein’s head and a sewn-up mouth with the black fabric paint.

Ignore the green paint and tiny green pom pom in the picture. I don’t know what I was thinking. :-)

Halloween Princess Finger Puppet

princess finger puppet More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Halloween Princess Finger Puppet

Cut a piece of yellow pipe cleaner just over 2 inches long and shape it into a crown as shown:

princess crown More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Halloween Princess Crown

Cut 8 pieces of white tulle about one inch wide by 4-5 inches long:

princess skirt tulle More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Tulle Princess Skirt

Make your pipe cleaner finger puppet base and tie the pieces of tulle around the bottom coil of the finger puppet:

princess skirt More Easy Halloween Finger Puppets

Princess Finger Puppet Skirt

Glue the triangle plastic rhinestone onto the top point of the crown, then glue the crown onto the pom pom head. Then glue on the googly eyes and assemble the parts.


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    Posted by Amanda | October 13, 2009, 5:20 pm
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