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Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

diy paper garland1 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

DIY Paper Garland Tutorial

A simple paper circle garland is perfect for decorating at parties, on a holiday Christmas tree or adding a decorative touch to a little kid’s bedroom! Let me show you how to make one!

What You Need to Make This Paper Garland

  • scrapbook paper in colors and patterns of your choice
  • medium or large circle paper punch
  • sewing machine
circle 1 300x225 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

Use pretty scrapbook papers

Start by going through your scrapbook papers, and decide what colors you would like to use. Since I was making this for my son’s room, I went with greens and blues for him.


circle 2 300x225 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

Use an inexpensive circle paper punch


Take your circle punch, and start punching out the circles.


circle 3 300x257 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

Here are your paper circles


It may be easier to cut your paper into strips that are a little wider than your punch before you start.


circle 4 300x225 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

Stack of paper garland pieces, ready to be assembled

Remember, you’ll be using two circles per 1 finished circle, so you’ll need a lot!


circle 6 300x267 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

Place paper circles together with right sides out

circle 5 300x287 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

Here's the other side of the two layered circle

Take two of your circles and place them back to back.  Here I used two of the same, but you could also use different ones for a more random pattern.


circle 7 300x225 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

Start sewing the circles together


Take your first circle set, and run it through your sewing machine. When you get to the end, sew 3 to 5 stitches before you insert the next circle set.


circle 8 300x225 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

Here's the paper garland as it comes out of the sewing machine

This leaves some space between each circle. Keep adding circles until you are happy with the length of your garland.

circle 9 Paper Circle Garland Tutorial

How to Make a Pretty Paper Garland

And you’re done! A quick and pretty garland that can be matched to any event!


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