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Space Crafts for Kids

What’s not to love about kids space crafts? Aliens are the absolute best, because, well, they are aliens - seriously, how can you mess up a craft about something that could literally look like anything? My kids have had the most fun with alien crafts because anything they do looks good! And I love them because you can make them with anything in the house!

Hmmm… can you tell I can be a somewhat lazy crafter?

Anyway, here is a totally kid-approved collection of awesome space crafts that my son is now dying to make. Have fun with them!

pipe cleaner aliens Space Crafts for Kids
recycled wall e Space Crafts for Kids
cardboard spaceship Space Crafts for Kids
Pipe Cleaner Aliens Recycled Wall-E Cardboard Spaceship Model
easy alien crafts Space Crafts for Kids
recycled alien craft Space Crafts for Kids
paper space ships Space Crafts for Kids
Easy Alien Crafts Recycled Aliens Craft Paper Lollipop Space Ships
paper plate ufo Space Crafts for Kids
glitter planet earth craft Space Crafts for Kids
toilet paper roll satellite Space Crafts for Kids
Paper Plate UFO (SCROLL down!) Glittery Planet Earth Tin Foil Hubble Telescope
printable alien mask Space Crafts for Kids
printable space ship Space Crafts for Kids
cardboard space shuttle Space Crafts for Kids
Printable Alien Mask Space Party Invitation Template Paper Space Shuttle

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