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Stick Crafts for Kids

I’ve been working on a huge list of outdoor kids activities for Fantasy Jr., and I wanted to include a good collection of stick crafts for kids. But I couldn’t find one! So I decided to make a page just for the love of branches and twigs. The side bonus of making these stick crafts is that you can get your kids to clean up the branches in your yard without having to pay them to do yardwork! ;)

branch picture frames Stick Crafts for Kids
gods eyes craft Stick Crafts for Kids
easy paper roses Stick Crafts for Kids
stick dolls craft Stick Crafts for Kids
Tree Branch Picture Frames Gods Eyes Craft Paper Roses on Sticks Stick Dolls Craft
garden marker craft Stick Crafts for Kids
native american rainstick Stick Crafts for Kids
twig trivet craft Stick Crafts for Kids
stick birdhouse project Stick Crafts for Kids
Garden Marker Craft Native American Talking Stick Craft Twig Trivet Craft Twig Birdhouse Project
stick fish craft Stick Crafts for Kids
stick weaving Stick Crafts for Kids
pinecone mobile Stick Crafts for Kids
stick pencil holder Stick Crafts for Kids
Stick Fish Craft Stick Weaving Pinecone Stick Mobile Stick Pencil Holder

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4 comments for “Stick Crafts for Kids”

  1. I love the Native American Talking Stick, I plan on doing it when I take the kids camping. We can pass it around when we tell stories by the campfire!

    Posted by Jessica | July 20, 2010, 1:00 pm
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