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Thanksgiving Turkey Handprints

infant turky handprint 700x468 Thanksgiving Turkey Handprints

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft for Kids

At the very top of my THANKFUL list is my children!

A fun holiday craft and Thanksgiving decor to display & cherish year after year is this EASY TURKEY HANDPRINT!

What You Need to Make These Thanksgiving Turkey Handprints

● Heavy duty white paper plate

● washable paint in: brown, yellow, orange, red & burgundy (or whatever colors you want your turkey to be)

● An orange marker

● A black or brown pen

● Felt scraps in fall colors (I used red, orange, yellow, green & brown)

○ feathers from the craft store would be an awesome adaptation!

● Elmer’s glue

For my toddler (picture below), I painted her palm and thumb brown. Each of her other four fingers were painted a different color. Then I helped her carefully make a hand print in the middle of the plate. As that dried, I let her pick out felt scraps while I put a ring of Elmer’s glue around the edge of the plate. The finishing touches were added as she stuck her felt squares on and I added the text “Happy Thanksgiving Hazel 2011”, beak, beard & feet.

For my infant (picture above), I painted her palm and thumb brown while her fingers were all the same color. Because her handprint wasn’t as “tidy” I traced the outline with a black pen before embellishing the turkey. She had absolutely no interest in trimming her plate, so I went ahead and did that in my own OCD fashion. :)

toddler turkey handprint 300x200 Thanksgiving Turkey Handprints

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Print Craft Adaptation for Babies

Also, here’s a Thanksgiving handprint project from a while ago that’s an adaptation for older children.

What are you most thankful for this year?


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